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Run4Yitzi is an organization that has heart and soul.  I am running to do my part and help Rabbi Yitzi and his family live their best lives.  Thank you for showing your support with your donation.  Knowing I have people cheering me on helps push me ahead in my marathon training, and reminds the Hurwitz family that people care.  Thank you!

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    Hershel Gilbert-McNabb

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    Aubrey Drake

    “Why is the sky blue why is water wet???
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    Nati and Chani Zigelbom

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    Missing: Bassie Simon. Lasy seen eating at Joseph's Burgers
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    Has anyone seen Bassie?
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    Tamar Mahatuf

    Ly tush please don't decide to quit again bc I spent money on you and please cash app my mom $5 from Joseph's yesterday bye
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    Rosie Jaffe

    Good luck
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    L Raskin

    Go Bassi!!! Keep doing amazing things!
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    Chaya Simon

    Bassie, your literally just the most amazing, awesome, fantastic, phenomenal, great est, sis ever!
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    Moshe and Henya Simon

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    Rivka Goldstein

    Can't wait to see you at the finish line!!
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    Chaya Altein

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    Dl Hershkop

    LETS GOOO!!!
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    Go Bassie!
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    Recruitment Bonus

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    ita labkowski

    in merit of finding ur phone♥️
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    You are amazing!!! 🤩
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