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Run4Yitzi is an organization that has heart and soul.  I am running to do my part and help Rabbi Yitzi and his family live their best lives.  Thank you for showing your support with your donation.  Knowing I have people cheering me on helps push me ahead in my marathon training, and reminds the Hurwitz family that people care.  Thank you!

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    Miriam Hani Elkins

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    Brocha Wolf

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    Again I am writing to you this wery hartfelt message; I’m cannot beleive that you are almost reachin your goal! As usual I’m wantin to wish u a much gotzloha in your trainin and fundraisin. Akaytiki ✌️
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    Smelly Co

    Good luck smelly co
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    Tzirel Goldberg

    I'm feeelingg it Mashuna feeling it memememeeeemememe goldieeee
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    Aster B

    You are doing a wery good job training I am hoping that you will keep pushing until you are reachin your ultimate goal at the run for yitzi maraton. Zai gezunt kezele
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    Good luck luv uuu
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    Mushky Goldstein

    Go Goldie!!❤️
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    Menucha G

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    Chana Goldstein

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    Chaya Bryski

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    Roza Kaplan

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    Audrey Imbo

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    Hinda Katzen

    Moshiach now
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    Miriam Chaya Stolik

    Gluck Goldie!!!
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    Leba Altschul

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    Chaya G

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    Chana Boyarskiy

    To my dearest Goldachka, You are so courageous. You are so lovely. You are strong, beautiful, and resilient. I am so proud of you switi. I thank Hashem in this moment that I get to participate in sharing this milestone marathon with you. I hope you can run and not walk. Hazloha. Mazal tov (mazal=flow. Bracha to have a good flow of G-dly energy throughout the marathon that will keep your adrenaline running 🏃‍♀️) love you weary much chica 💕 Besuroys toyvos
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    Chana Boyarskiy

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    Mimi Mandelbaum

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    Sarah Shapiro

    Go Goldie!!
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    Shayna L

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    Yay Goldie!!!
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    Tzirel Goldberg

    Yas u go
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    Necha Gudelsky

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    Chaya Mushka Butel

    U GO GURL!!!
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    Hey switi, beauty, I’m wery wery proud and heppy for you for doin such a wery great mitzwa and pushing yourself out of your confurt zone! I have always been wanin to run a marathon but because I’m not in the health condition unfortunately I’m cannot. I am hopin that maybe another time we are can run together and keep one another motiwated! Wishing you a much gatzlaha and wery blessed day!
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    Chaya HaratZ

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    Yosef Wolf

    Good luck Goldie! Hatzlacha!
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    Etty H

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    Chanale .

    Go Goldie!!
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    Go Goldie!!
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    Bassie Engel

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    Leah Schwartz

    Go goldie! 🤎💪🏃‍♀️
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    Leah Kagan

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    Miryam Swerdlov

    You go girl!!!
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