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Dearest Friends and Family,
It’s time for me to start taking this Marathon seriously. I tried to avoid it, because I’m tired and have grown to love not being active in social media, but here it goes. The years have been hard and the difficulties have taken a toll on me, emotionally, mentally and yes, even physically and to top it off, I am getting older too!!! I know, it shocked me too. Two of my girls will be running the half marathon and I will be walking or crawling the 5K. It didn’t feel like the right time to push myself as I have in the past, and 5K is just the right amount for me. There are an incredible amount of runners and a huge portion of them are 11th and 12th grade girls, my daughters’ friends. We are so grateful to all of the runners, organizers, and people who generously give to our family. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and we will see you in Miami.



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    Mendel Wolffe

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    Chani and Zev Baram

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    B"H L'ilui Nishmat Harav Levi Yitzchok ben Harav Boruch Shneur, z"l. Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Schneerson
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    Go Dina!!
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    sean jacobi

    Your Mussie prayed for my son דניאל משיח Daniel Moshiach when he was completely paralyzed while he was in yeshiva in Israel. He recovered by a miracle within two months. He was expected to recover over 2 years and if he would have. many people including your daughter said tefilot for him and B h he completely recovered also become a complete Sadigh because of his sickness and bh he is 100% cured. May you and your family see the coming of moshiach and see miracles as I have with my son. Amen. Shira says hi.
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    Susan Shapiro

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    Gittie Munitz

    May the light that shines out of Yitzi's holy eyes and lights up all our lives, bring the ULTIMATE LIGHT of MOSHIACH (right) NOW, when we'll ALL dance together and rejoice forever!!!
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    Mendel and Rivka Altein

    We really enjoy Rabbi Yitzi's Divrei Torah. Great perspective!
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    shmuel green

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    Mendel and Rivka Altein

    We really enjoy Rabbi Yitzi's Divrei Torah. Great perspective!
  13. $18.00

    Mendel and Rivka Altein

    We really enjoy Rabbi Yitzi's Divrei Torah. A great perspective!
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    Mendel and Rivka Altein

    Really enjoy Rabbi Yitzi's weekly Divrei Torah!
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    Judith Superstein

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    Stefanie Friedman

    Sending so much love to all that are suffering and continue to have hope. You are an inspiration.
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    Jewish Boulder, Colorado missess and loves you, Reb Yitzy.
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    Matthew Finberg

    Jewish Boulder, Colorado misses and loves Reb Yitzy.
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    Chaya Ingber

    Go Hurwitz’s Go!!! 💕Ingber’s
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    Caroline landau

    with all my love and gratitude , you give us hope Yitzi - hope and courage and much light. , together with Dina and your wonderful family .
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    Barbra Drizin

    I met you when I lived in San Diego...Rabbi Carlbach had Yitzi come over to play guitar, I think for Tu Bish'Vat. My prayers are with you...
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    Levi Israel

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    Ashi & Etty Farkash

    Dear Yitzi, Dina, and family. We miss you and love you guys.
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    Our thoughts are with you!
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    Go Eli Chaim!
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    Mag Mag

    @Levi Misholuvin 100% comes together with having gvir status
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    Miss you guys. From the status ;)
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    🏃‍♀️Mussi 🏃‍♀️ also i see how it is @EliChaim..... i only get fundraising status.... ouch!
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    Glad to help
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    Besuros Tovos
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    Moshe and Esther Chanowitz

    Please keep up your weekly inspiration, " living with the Rebbe
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    ben-zion chanowitz

    What an inspiration you are! Wishing you much hatzlocho and besurois toivois!
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    Sara Metzger

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    Dovid Hersh

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    Chanie Chanowitz

    Love my brother Yitzi!!!
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    Susha Alperowitz

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    משיח כאו!