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Run4Yitzi is an organization that has heart and soul.  I am running to do my part and help Rabbi Yitzi and his family live their best lives.  Thank you for showing your support with your donation.  Knowing I have people cheering me on helps push me ahead in my marathon training, and reminds the Hurwitz family that people care.  Thank you!

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    Raizel Barber

    Good luck Ita!
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    Ruth Zakowski

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    Karin & Steve, Ellie & Jameson

    Donating the last dollars to get you to your goal!! We are so excited for you! What a great cause! We will be cheering you the whole way!
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    Seth Cohen

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    Texanna Mcginnis

    Have fun Ita! You can do it! Great cause! May HaShem bless and keep you safe Tamar
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    Rachelle Markovich

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    yaakov SPITEZKI

    GO ITTA 👍
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    Francine Pecoraro

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    Carol Koenigsberg

    Such a worth cause and an awesome person!!
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    chaya seewald

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    Baila Gopin

    Good luck!!!
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    Chani Rav-Noy

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    Velvel and Channi Gopin

    Amazing Ita!! We are so proud of you!!❤️❤️
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    Esther Binstok

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    Bracha Andrusier

    Go ita!! U got this!!
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    n.d., meir & bassie zarchi

    We believe in the Rabbi Yitzi and the Horowitz family ❤️! Itta we a cheering you on! Your kind heart and drive will take you far
  19. $36.00

    Yosef Eliezrie

    Go Ita! From Yosef & Chanee
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    Chana Henig

    From Chana henig in china! You can do it!
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    GO ITAAA!! ❤️
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    Nora Stern

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    Recruitment Bonus

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    Sruli Leider

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    Richard Rutta

    Run like the wind forest
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    MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA get ready for the best comment if all your lives… 5 4 3 2 1 Drop roll please Ita, ita, ita , wow wow wow just wow! I love you so very much and aspire to be just like you one day! You have helped me grow in so many ways that you probably don’t even know about. I love how you put your passion into so many things and used it all For the right way. For Example this. And your Bullet journal duh. But seriously. I’m so very proud of you and love you to pieces. I’m sorry for the time I scared you when you where training and cause a distraction I’m proud of you for getting back on track! One more thing I will like to mention is you. Yep you. We all now you love complements so here it is. You are women, you are funny, you are beautiful your devein. Your creative. Please all boys please get in line. (Time is running out⏲ ) All the best wishes from your bestest best friend @tablemate #bestfriendswheneberwhereever. Ps. Don’t forget this doesn’t mean I like you more then chaya 😉💕 🧷. 🧷 📎 📎. 🧷 📎. 🧷 📎. 🧷 The rest of the heart chaya can do Hahahahaahahahahahah I’m so funnyyyyyyy Pps. Don’t give up on finding yourself a brother 🏞 (Don’t read unless your Ita Fayga) **Brother Guide:** - blonde - 4 years of age - cute - friendly - bubbly - rides a bike in part ( so we can snatch ) - has a 🚗 “Rate it from 1-10” Xoxo wifey
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    Hinda Paltiel

    Go Ita! I’m so proud of you! You got this
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    Stella Eliezrie

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    Chana Backman

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    Go Ita!!
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    Mashie Blesofsky

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    berri spitezki

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    Sara Fine & family

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    Recruitment Bonus

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    Yoni Eliezrie