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Run4Yitzi is an organization that has heart and soul.Ā  I am running to do my part and help Rabbi Yitzi and his family live their best lives.Ā  Thank you for showing your support with your donation.Ā  Knowing I have people cheering me on helps push me ahead in my marathon training, and reminds the Hurwitz family that people care.Ā  Thank you!

Recent Donations

  1. $18.00

    rochie schapiro

    go yehudis!!
  2. $54.00

    Lia Vital

    Run Yehudis Run! šŸƒā€ā™€ļøšŸƒā€ā™€ļøšŸƒā€ā™€ļøšŸƒā€ā™€ļøšŸƒā€ā™€ļø
  3. $36.00

    Eyal Vital

    From lia vital
  4. $50.00

    Fayge Seewald

  5. $50.00

    Dovid Seewald

    We love you Yehudis!!
  6. $18.00

    Stanley Seewald

  7. $100.00

    sholom seewald

    Go Yehudis!!
  8. $36.00

    Mendel Jacobson

    So proud of you !
  9. $180.00

    Meyer & Raizel Seewald

    We are so proud of you!! Love you
  10. $26.00

    Mimi Seewald

    Dear yehudis Iā€™m so proud of you for doing the jog. Keep running fast! Love your sister Mimi
  11. $18.00

    Chaya Seewald (Pomona)

    Love you and miss u šŸ˜˜
  12. $18.00

    Chana Spalter

    We are so proud of you!
  13. $60.00

    Sara and Melli

    Love u Hudis! So proud of u
  14. $36.00

    Fraydee Putter

  15. $36.00

    Rivky Boyarsky

  16. $36.00

    Faigy Kass

    Go Yehudis Go! So proud of you! Love you!! Kass Family
  17. $36.00

    Esther & Shashy Seewald

  18. $100.00

    Sarale Seewald

  19. $50.00

    Chaim and Dina Seewald

    Ur so awesome Yehudis!!
  20. $360.00

    Rivky and shmuli Backer

    Amazing Yehudis we are so proud of you!!!
  21. $100.00

    Malka Seewald

    Iā€™m so proud of you yehudis. You got this!!! Love you forever šŸ’•