GOAL $285,000 $276,496



Marathon Info

For details about the actual marathon please go to https://www.305halfmarathon.com


Sunday, March 3, 2024 in Miami Florida

We are joining the 305 Half Marathon.  There is a half marathon (13.1 miles) option, or 5K (3 miles) option.

There are about 4000 runners at the 305 Marathon.  Run4Yitzi had 120+ runners in 2023.  We were the largest group there by far.  It was amazing to see Team Run4Yitzi everywhere you looked.

Each runner commits to raising $1800.  And you are encouraged to raise your goal after you reach $1800 🙂

We support and encourage you and give you tips and tricks to help you fundraise.  But if at the end, by the time of the marathon, you have not raised the full $1800 then Run4Yitzi reserves the right to charge your credit card the balance amount. (check out our recruitment bonus)

Our runners are all individuals; with the exception of immediate family:  Parent/child, spouse, siblings.   If you are a family team, the first person commits to $1800 and each person after commits to $1000.  So for example two parents and a child would have a total goal of $3800.

Yes!  We have an incredible recruitment bonus.  After you sign up, get your friends and family to join too.  When they register, they should write your name down under “recruited by”; and then you will receive $300 credit towards your goal!

No, there is no Shabbaton.  We do have a weekend of events:  Friday morning, Motzei Shabbos, and Sunday afternoon after the race.  All programs take place in or near the North Miami Beach area (subject to change).

No, it does not.  And let me explain – because that is something that makes us very different from some other organizations.  Please understand that the money brought in through our runners goes directly to Rabbi Yitzi and his family (The Hurwitz Family Fund).  It is tzedaka money for him, and is not ours to use on plane tickets or hotels.

Anyone in 10th grade and above can join the half marathon or 5K.  Under 18 needs parental consent on the registration form.  Please contact the admins for specific questions regarding age.

Yes, of course.  You have the half marathon or 5k option.  We also provide you with an excellent coach who will give you exercises and a training schedule.  He is always available for any questions and to push you to your goal.  We have three large running groups in California, New York, and Florida

Not only will you meet new (extraordinary) people, but you’ll gain a family.  Team Run4Yitzi is one big family.  We are there for each other to support and encourage.  It’s all about positivity and cheering.  We are in this together.